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Robert L. Case Study

How I significantly increased my client-base and charged premium prices – and within 6 months was helping more clients in 1 month than I did in a whole year previously.

Rob is the seasoned Personal Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Podcaster and Coach who has created and designed his very own unique system for his private premium fitness clients. Rob helps his clients transform their minds and bodies, and conducts group training packages, also to help those who have struggled and who want effective results quickly with a combination of diet planning and bespoke exercise programs all tailored to the individual.

These are the results he achieved since coming onto the program:

From the very first month he got:

  • 100% increased conversion rate in his first month.
  • 3 new clients in his first month and 9 in his second month.
  • 26 new clients in the first 6 month period.
  • Tripled his income after the first 6 month period.

Only 1 simple marketing solution and some website and sales tweaks were needed to bring in the majority of his sales across a 6 month period which earned Rob more net income in that 6 month period than he had earned across a full 2 year period before. And we even cut back his monthly costs by a whopping 30%.

Rob is able to identify and pinpoint the exacting struggles his client has and to create the ultimate lasting solution for change. He even helped a client to evolve in Coaching and the mind-set side of the training, but at one point he wasn’t reaching enough of the right people in his programs and transformational training.

Rob has a rare talent for helping every client to become their best self and draws out of them their greatest abilities to conquer whatever is in their way. These transformations happen very quickly. Rob is a great talent at what he does and has many satisfied client testimonials. And he has a well-defined niche area. 

We simply needed to work on defining the core message and ensure that it got to the right types. Having looked at various factors including pricing we created Rob’s ultimate package.

For each person signing up for his course, Rob’s costs became very minimal considering the returns he could command. And so, we were able to increase his income whilst managing his expenses in a more effective way. Thus we grew the business way quicker than it had been growing. 

Rob felt at times he was going to quit, back when he was stuck and struggling, so once we changed a few things and he was able to start earning what he was worth things changed in great ways for him and his clients. He had less worries on his plate, so could focus on his client’s needs more and thus growth was naturally easier to demonstrate. 

So, Rob was able to go from a struggling, but highly skilled trainer who was charging too little, to earning a great income and creating the right premium packages and workshops.

Now Rob and I are working on creating a subscription service whereby he may also train more online and create a membership option to automate his streams of income whilst delivering the same high standards in videos, audios and other formats. These membership options all offer immense value whilst still delivering the expertise which Rob shares in his personal and private classes. The membership allows varying levels of training and education to suit the client and their pocket.

New pricing structure and high end package immediately creates 3 new premium paying clients in first month! And increases month on month from that point on.

To end his struggle, Rob signed up for my Discover, Design and Development System. The Develop module teaches how to attract customers, clients, speaking engagements or whatever it is that you are looking to grow. And to obtain rapid results in the right areas. Rob didn’t really know anything about ‘how to go about changing what he already had’ into a more powerful income generating machine, let alone how to put it into place, but he learned very quickly as he is a great focused action taker.

For Rob to find the recognition he deserved for his immense skills and abilities and with the help of my Coaching system, he surpassed all of his own expectations and was able to set up a strong brand and client base.

And with a clear value proposition for his trainings and workshops to direct the right people to his site, we ensured his Facebook page was also congruent and spoke the same message. We only tweaked some areas as that’s all that was needed with some of his branding, but sometimes these areas just need another pair of eyes and some exploration around the brand to nail it. 

Now Rob has a defined audience and targeted demographic who are choosing him over competition and we built the bridge between the brand and the client. These areas needed to be fully defined through testing and by using surveys and polls to determine the exact people, age, sex and lifestyle, etc. and also which behaviours they exhibited in order to fully laser target who we were trying to get the attention of. This meant we could get in the way of the competition and offer something more appealing. 

Drawing from his experiences and mine of dealing with local clients we set up specific local online and offline marketing strategies as well as some slightly outside of the locality and tested them. 

With this approach we managed to fill up Rob’s pipeline of bookings and he was also able to turn down those whom he preferred not to work with. This was the position of being able to cherry pick that Rob always wanted.

Getting Rob 3 new clients in his first month and each month from there we increased these figures, which meant Rob made more in his first month than he had ever made in a whole year before that. And in 6 months he made more than a whole 2 years before that. Of course the fact that Rob is very good at what he does means that the expertise is there and so we just needed to slightly alter his product – we had to drive the right types and the right numbers, which we accomplished. Rob surpassed his own goals. All created with the right knowledge and technical framework and built using my Discover, Design and Development System.

Applying my Discover, Design and Development System this increased revenue and even lowered expenses significantly.

“I tested out Greg’s business strategies on a Fitness Sales training I was creating and within 1 week of using his advice and by tweaking what I was doing, I got 1 new high premium client and within a month 3 new premium clients. And it hasn’t stopped growing since then. In fact I now turn down those who I don’t wish to work with. And after a busy 6 months with 26 new premium clients paying double what I charged before I blasted past all previous income goals.”

“With a business that previously ran at a loss, it was literally transformed in that 6 month period and I still find it hard to believe now.”

Rob has used these methods in multiple training packages since and the results were more than he even would have expected. And Rob didn’t even need to work hard, he just needed to work smart, which I knew he was always capable of doing. The Discover, Design and Development System was the right catalyst for change for Rob.


  • 100% increased conversion rate in his first month.
  • 3 new clients in his first month and 9 more in his second.
  • 26 new clients in the first 6 month period.
  • Higher net income in ‘Month 1’ than in the whole year previously.

After a 6 month period more net income than previous 2 years combined.

If your Micro or Small Business isn’t creating enough revenue, get a solution like Rob did!

The Discover, Design and Development System offers you access to knowledge you can use to boost your business growth. Together we will set up the right system for growth for you or, like Rob, you can find a balance between the two where you may want to take the strategies and go away with them or choose to work with me.

  • Transition from an idea to discovering your passions and evolving them into a solid small business concept.
  • Stop using costly offline and online marketing and advertising, and start using proven, focused and measurable solutions for more revenue creation and less expenses.
  • Build target-oriented online and offline marketing to attract the right demographic clients or customers built around a solid brand and message that speaks directly to your buyers.
  • Set up a fully functioning business model which is designed to convert sales which has the right customers, clients or buyers signup or buy from you with less hesitation and more loyalty.
  • Niche development and mastery processes proven to capture the attention of the right people.
  • The Design of the perfect business model for you which grows with the right market share.
  • Expert help from a Coach who has been in the business space for over 15 years.
  • Social media setup in the right areas for your business. Includes areas such as Instagram, Facebook, Linked in and YouTube.
  • Effective and proven Marketing, Promotion and Sales solutions for your niche market.
  • Ongoing support and assistance to design the whole business process from beginning to running of the business.

Being a personal trainer I am passionate about working with individuals 1on1 to help them reach their personal and professional goals. The trouble was that I was struggling to get by as a self-employed PT. But after working with Greg I learned that I was missing a great deal of the point. I could see with his help that I needed to do more in the way of leveraging my business skills in order to earn more. Greg helped me charge more and create multiple streams of income creating an eBook, podcast and premium training packages and after 6 months I was helping more clients in 1 month than I did in a whole year previously. Before I was happy to work with a new person every month, so 1 per year, but with Greg’s help I now work with 12 every month. And more sometimes. This is due to more group training classes and higher fees, so I can maximise my earnings and am about to automate my trainings so I can create a membership site to further my increase my income and not work anymore than I do now. Thanks Greg. You literally changed my life and business. I am so glad we met.

Robert L

Nick M. Case Study

How Nick went from budding inventor to product creator with a marketable solution for promotion with various companies which is also being presented to the Dragons Den team.

Nick is a prolific Inventor, ideas guy and creative genius who has evolved many of his ideas for market demands and he has created and designed several products for market and developed various revolutionary solutions for major businesses and companies.

These are the results he achieved since coming onto the program:

From the very first sessions we had to establish the best way I could help Nick, we took his initial idea and created a development plan which after several sessions got his idea to:

  • Creation stage from the initial idea to final creation of product;
  • 36 appointments with potential market leaders, businesses and organisations;
  • 11 successful meetings to discuss using his product in these various establishments;
  • A marketable product being taken on by an established company; and
  • 223 units of product selling by month 6, which also started increasing sales month on month.

Only 2 marketing and promotion methods were required to secure a business deal which brought in product sales by month 6 and which grew month on month from then on. With low expenses keeping his net profits healthy and growing.

Nick has amazing creativity, which he needs to evolve into actual products, but not enough eyes were on his potential marketable products and so only a few people knew about what he was doing. And they weren’t the right people.

Nick, in his 30’s and stuck in a job he hated in Bristol UK had astounding talent for knowing what to create and knowing which areas these ideas would enhance. He would share and develop these talents and ideas and show me and a select few others how these ideas could make a difference in various sectors. And in some cases actually transform industries. He is a rare and intelligent man. 

Nick is quite amazing at what he does and has created so many wonderful inventions and innovations and he has a very well-defined way of working and evolving his ideas. But, the trouble was he was stuck there simply with ideas and some creations, but not really knowing who to get them to and IF anyone really needed them in the first place. He had a realisation that he couldn’t get the exposure in the right areas to make any kind of momentum. And so he couldn’t create any returns on his ideas.

For each product Nick created he was looking at costs ranging from £300 to £3500 to create a product from scratch.When Nick struggled to justify these kinds of costs, he began selling items around his home just to be able to raise funds for his ideas. Thinking that ‘at least one’ of his inventions would pay him back many times over for many years, and so he would also borrow money here and there and try to secure loans from banks. But after looking at his mounting expenses, Nick starting to come to the conclusion that (with sales of his household stuff) and borrowing from friends he needed to create and sell a particular a product of at least 100 units per month. But this wasn’t happening. Add to that expenses he was mounting as he was preparing for a baby and he was getting into deeper water, so he called me.

Nick secured a new start-up loan, once we worked together and Nick started evolving his idea with my help into creating a product for market which even sold 223 units in its first 6 months.

To end his struggle, Nick signed up for the Discover, Design and Development System. And the modules along with my Coaching enabled Nick to start a robust plan and how to get that plan into action with the right tools and resources and team if needed. This enabled Nick to obtain the right connections with the right people to create and secure deals for his new product.

When I met Nick he had no idea how to make the right plan and connections to get off the ground, let alone start selling anything, but he learned very quickly. For Nick to find the kind of recognition he deserved and to showcase his undeniable talents and with the help of my Coaching, he set up a strong identity in the product development space with a clear message for him to get out there and have those meetings.

Now to get in the way of the right people we used a couple of fairly simple marketing solutions.

His introductions to others was how he had developed it but with a few tweaks we ensured he was talking to the right people and businesses. This was a highly specific set of meetings aimed at those who could really talk about buying units. And so, we aimed our energy and passions in these areas which were predominantly in the South West of the UK. 

A part of our structure for this was to conduct the right research beforehand to ensure we were not wasting time or money in the wrong areas. He attended several events, meetings and got into talks with companies in Bristol and Bath and also in Swindon and London. We targeted 65 businesses in total and got 36 meetings initially. My approach resulted in 11 meetings, a product being taken on by a company and 223 unit sales in first 6 months from our working together. 

As sales increased month on month Nick was on target for reaching his initial income goal for the first year. Nicks results vastly improved from where he started just 6 months previously and continued to improve as he increased outlets for his product and had negotiations with other large brands and went on to focus on his second invention on which we also both worked together. 

Nick is extremely good at what he does, but this was not enough to achieve the kinds of results he desired and to reach his goals. This is why Nick is a perfect example of how far knowledge and skill can go if combined with expertise in the business field and the exposure necessary to share his talents whilst earning Nick an income. This was built upon the Discover, Design and Development System.

By applying certain and specific strategies to Nick’s ideas we took a particular idea to invention stage and to product marketplace, whilst also lowering his ongoing expenses and creating and raising product revenue.

“I looked at Nick’s plan and ideas and we tested out the market and did the research and within week 1 he had already had a meeting with a potential buyer without even having a product ready. We studied the interest and potential marketability of Nick’s initial idea and as we tweaked a few things I was happy that I had helped Nick to know his area of focus, and from there he ended up aiming for the right companies and businesses and getting appointments for more meetings.”

Nick ended up getting 36 appointments and 11 successful meetings with potential buyers for his product with the robust plan and vision. Nick had already started selling the odd unit once created which brought him in some revenue, but his costs for manufacturing were way higher so we knew that we needed to get a bulk manufacturing arrangement to lower costs, and we raised the price points for product as well as looked at selling units in bulk loads of 50 to chains who would need a certain number, to further test the market and sales. 

Within the first 6 months he had sold enough to re-invest into more manufacturing and he was able to start paying off his loan. His results were more than what he could have wished for as by the end of year 1 he was in profit and Nick had secured other deals to raise more capital. With my support and Coaching it meant that Nick wasn’t burned out and could focus more on growth. I taught Nick about working smart and working in the right areas on the right tasks and this is what changed the results Nick was getting. The Discover, Design and Development System was the catalyst.


  • Increase of product sales surpassing by 70% Nick’s original sales goal.
  • We lowered his per unit costs by 42%.
  • We raised revenue month on month and positioned Nick to increase market identity.
  • He re-invested back into the business to further develop more ideas into actual products.

He was able to increasingly lower debt by paying off loans.

If your ideas or passions for creation are not getting enough exposure or recognition, then consider getting a solution just like Nick did!

Discover, Design and Development System offers you access to expert systems, knowledge and experience which you can use right away to start seeing real results and to create your dream role whilst creating an income goal to suit you and your hard work. You can do it yourself, or you can work with tried and tested proven Coaching principles and tools. Or, like Nick did, you can find a balance between the two by having me as a Mentor and my systems to help you.

  • You can go from struggling, stressed and burned out to fully expressing your passion and seeing the healthy returns for your creations.
  • Understanding your costs and expenses and managing them in order to focus on monitoring and measuring of growth effectively.
  • Building a powerful brand and business identity which speak directly to your ultimate buyer/client/customer.
  • Setup of a high converting online and offline presence through the right website/blog/social media and face to face meetings and events with selling strategies that work and build long term repeat buyers and retention.
  • Working with a seasoned expert to discover your Niche through powerful research and development to designing the dream micro or small business model.
  • Viral exposure through laser targeting and creation of rapid growth by creating raving fans and followers to build that solid foundation from the very beginning.
  • Highly relevant social media set up for maximum engagement and ultimately sales.
  • Email marketing and other marketing and promotion so as to not waste time or money.

Access to a private Facebook group and exclusive 45 minute call every week to answer any questions you may have.

Working with Greg changed my life and that is not a cliché.

I was working in jobs I hated and although I earned great money I was very stressed, stuck and could see no way out. Until Greg came along that is. He helped me to formulate my vision and he showed me how I could put a plan together to actually create something solid to get me out of my hell and to also allow me to express my passion for invention. As an inventor I am always getting ideas, and I love it, but it didn’t pay me. Until I could see how to apply the skills and techniques Greg showed me. He taught me how to go from having ideas, and potential inventions to having an actual marketable product which I could sell to businesses. And even choose who I sold my products too as I was in a position of having the right in demand product for market – so I could decide who to work with on getting it out there. This put me in a position of power and control for once and showed me that I had something worth evolving and developing and which I could draw an income from. Since then I have gone from budding inventor to product creator for various businesses and I call the shots as I am leading all aspects of creation and development. I am in my ultimate role and position now thanks to Greg helping me – and I don’t know where I would be now had I not worked with Greg and his expert knowledge on business growth.

Nick M.

Katrina T. Case Study

How I doubled my sales in just over 6 months and tripled my revenue in just 1 year.

Katrina is a highly skilled sales person who created and designed her life by moving from the UK to Dubai and changing Sales roles. In her new role she now helps to share and guide her clients to consider the right products for their needs quickly by discovering their passions and fears and in understanding how to create instant rapport and interest. She is now a top sales executive in her field who is married and has a baby daughter.

These are the results she achieved since coming on to the program:

From the very first meeting we had together I quickly could see Kat’s vision and goals. And we created a plan which helped Kat to:

  • Market and sell her home in the UK within a 6 month timeframe.
  • Leave her old career and start a new more rewarding sales position in Dubai.
  • Design, build and create a high end sales position in premium luxury goods and raise her income considerably.
  • Buy new property whilst running and growing a sales team.
  • Married with a child and having more quality time at home.

After only 4 sessions we were able to put her home on the market and created a vision and plan for developing a sales position in Dubai with a specific income goal and timeframe structure. After 6 months she had left her old career; she also started making high end sales even before moving to Dubai.

Kat understands others and has a rare and unique ability to sell easily, drawing from years of mind-set and sales training she knew she was able to leverage her skills and make them work for her, but she was stuck in career she hated, in a home she once shared with an ex-boyfriend, which she needed to be sold ASAP, and a dream of moving to Dubai and starting a new more fulfilling role but with no idea where to begin.

Kat has amazing skills for connecting with others on the phone and face to face. And she understands the mind-set of others. So, she developed herself around these skills knowing she could focus on high end premium goods to make higher end sales. With her keen focus and action taking ability we were able to transform her life within just several months.

Kat is truly amazing at what she does and has the results she always desired. And her defined market area makes her a formidable force in the premium and luxury sales market area.
But, she was once stuck and didn’t know how to go from point A to point B so lost motivation. Once we had worked on this and started making progress on her goals she knew she had to learn to sell in high end environments. In her previous career she had lost motivation so selling to her became a tiring exercise even though she was great at it, which led to her losing sales. So we had to evolve her mind-set and sales techniques and develop a high end sales mentality to drive her passion back into this area.

For each sale she made in her old career she would earn pretty well, but per sale she knew she could earn way more and as she was stressed, she was losing sales and money.

When Kat struggled to bring sales in, she tried selling in a different way thinking that she was doing something wrong and thinking her results would improve – but they got worse. That’s when she called me as she was running herself into the ground by being desperate for change. Hoping that customers would sign up with her, but at the same time deflated. She would host parties at business events to try and increase her network and ultimate sales and attended all relevant business events in order to try and create more exposure – but it was having little effect on her earnings. After calculating her expenses, Kat realised she just about covered her costs with her numbers, but in the course of a 5 month period she was running up hefty bills and just scraping by. Contrast this with the sales, mind-set and business training we did together shortly after, and she would (in a quick period from there) be commanding way more commission per sale and her numbers grew from 1 in 6 buying previously to 1 in 3 buying with a higher pay out.

The House sale enables Kat to quit her career and start a new life and invest into her dream role which made her more focused, driven and excited. She was soon able to pay for a deposit on a place in Dubai and find her dream sales role.

To end her struggle, Kat signed up for the Discover, Design and Development System. Where she received 1ON1 Coaching and access to the Passion to Profits Self Study System, which taught her how to create her dream role and start building a personal reputation around her in an area she was passionate about and to leverage those high end sales. She also learned how to get into the right areas and meet the right people, which Kat had little idea about when we first spoke. She wasn’t previously aware of positioning herself in a whole new role or how to market herself effectively – so we created for her the ultimate vision, which she could build around her giving her full control over her destiny by design. And Luckily, Kat was learning fast about how to put all of this together. For Kat to realise the kind of recognition she really deserved for her immense skills and talents she needed some help. And with the help of my Coaching and systems she was able to set up a strong and powerful well positioned name for herself and dominate her market. She knew her value deep down and how to use it effectively so she could start drawing in and attracting those who would happily buy from her.

Using a couple of marketing methods we ensured she had strong visibility on the right social media such as Linked In and in offline media channels. The fact of the matter was, Kat didn’t really need to change much of what she was already doing, we just needed to change the way she did it and how that was presented, so that the right types who hadn’t previously heard of her wanted to know more. She offered a bespoke and highly targeted meeting environment where she would be able to connect with ease and make it a win-win situation. Starting her new role in the UK we had to ensure though that she targeted those ideal customers and got into the right circles, so we targeted those in and around Dubai and using specific research tools and resources in order to only connect with the right types and demographics. 

Kat managed to create high end premium sales even before she had moved to Dubai as it was all about starting the process to build her reputation. From our coaching work together and with my approach to targeting the right types this resulted in doubling her sales in the following month and tripled new clicks to her Linked In business page and website. These clicks increased month on month and converted into higher numbers each and every month. At one point only Kat and I were measuring and monitoring her growth, but she eventually worked with a small team to oversee her operations and manage her sites effectiveness and growth. Further down the line, she was easily converting potential prospects into sales and those who didn’t buy from her right away would come back around 50% of the time, so with her skills she was able to not lose those who didn’t buy the first time.

And a large % those who had bought would become returning customers, who were loyal to Kat, and bought on a repeat basis, which created greater retention and growth and also brought in high quality referrals and further sales.

It’s quite easy to see how Kat’s results had been transformed from starting when we met, to where she was 1 year later. Growing her sales numbers month on month. Kat has a specific niche and is extremely good at what she does, but that in itself was not quite enough to achieve her goals. This is why she’s an absolute perfect shining example of what can be done when you combine great skills and knowledge with the right system or expert. And with that right framework for success built around her she became a powerhouse for selling. All built by using the Discover, Design and Development System.

By applying My Passion to Profits self-study system training as a part of the overall Discover, Design and Development System this is what helped Kat to start and grow a powerful and effective small sales team at low costs across a 6 month period.

“I tested out Greg’s system and started to quickly identify my vision and message and was able to develop the perfectly designed role for me. This helped me to replace my income within 6 months, also to sell my home and start looking for a new home in Dubai. I started to sell more and I was up in sales significantly in my first 6 months of being in my new role.”

Kat started off with a limited budget and soon scaled up, as costs were kept low and after applying my Coaching training strategies for growth she was successfully selling premium products, which enabled her to break even and move quickly into a net profit situation. 

Applying the Passion to Profits Self Study system alongside my Coaching took her from stuck, stressed, and dreaming of change, to creating and building a profitable new position, moving to another Country and most importantly feeling the joy in life once again every day.

That was going from debt to getting into actual profits in just over 6 months. She used these methods and strategies I showed her to further expand her position and create several locations for sales offices in and around Dubai. Kat worked hard sure, but she didn’t need to do it alone as I was there to help her. She worked harder when she was stressed trying to figure it all out before. She just needed ‘the right’ guidance and support and to work smarter. The Discover, Design and Development System was the right catalyst.


  • Sold home for full asking price in 6 months.
  • Started a new sales role creating high end sales in premium product business.
  • Moved to Dubai and bought a new apartment.
  • Scaled up a Small team and expanded.
  • Increased income consistently month on month within year 1.

If you are in need of support and guidance with starting a new role, micro or small business model, get a solution like Kat did!

The Discover, Design and Development System offers you access to knowledge and expertise you can apply right away to create and grow your dream role or business and get results way faster than by yourself or without an expert. And you can choose between using a self-study system alone or work with me also alongside the system. You can find the balance, depending on your time and work commitments to study at your own pace so you don’t add stress to your life.

  • You can transition from trying to go it alone and failing like 80% of start-up business owners ‘or’ work with a seasoned pro. Saving you unnecessary expenses, stress and confusion.
  • You can go from wasting precious time to becoming focused and measurable in your efforts.
  • You can build your dream micro or small business the right way and see growth quickly.
  • You can learn the art of targeting the right people for your products and services and create quality—thus attracting the right types for your offers and build repeat custom, retention and referrals all by following a simple time tested proven system.
  • You can learn to market and promote in the right areas and in ways which speak to your ultimate clients or customers thus building rapport, and creating win-win transactions, which turn into long term investments.
  • You can set up the right powerful website/blog or whatever you need to create conversions online and offline. Plus the right media online and offline to create the attention needed to create a buzz around what you do.
  • You can do all of this with an expert so you have that help all through the process.
  • You can create a brand which is effective and specific and which enables you stand out from competition, beat competition and differentiate from others thus making you the ‘go-to’ person in your market/niche.
  • You can have ongoing access to an expert for 6 months.
  • You can become a member of my private Facebook group to further grow and get results and network with other likeminded professionals.
  • You can create powerful online email marketing strategies to deliver immense value and sell further down the line to loyal subscribers.

You can have access to full continued motivational support from me so you are never trying to go it alone.

I was stuck in a place I hated and in a Country I didn’t want to be in. But when I contacted Greg somehow – I knew I had contacted the right person because, he immediately saw my vision and set about helping me to increase my revenue, and raise my profile and position so that I could grow a sales team to work with me on. I already knew I wanted to move to Dubai and so I did, and with Greg’s help he was able to expand network and with me and help me to reach even more potential prospects and buyers. I had already sold my property so I could turn my attention to moving to Dubai and expanding my reputation in Dubai in the luxury and premium area, and as I implemented the strategies which Greg helped me with my sales role grew beyond anything I would have previously imagined. I had gone from in debt to in an actual profit situation in just over 6 months. And grew my revenue every month in just 1 year. Whilst I was considered successful in some ways I was limited in my outlook and stuck in the UK not enjoying my life and what I was doing that much. That was until I met Greg. Today I have a dream life in Dubai, a beautiful daughter and a loving husband also. Thanks so much for helping me realise my true vision Greg. And my advice would be – ‘if you have a vision then go for it’. Don’t hold back. And if you don’t yet, then Greg will help you find and create it.
Katrina T.

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